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John Espenschied, Insurance Brokers Group

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The Brutal Truth About Your Website 

A message from our founder, Chris Huntley.

Most designers & marketing "professionals" can build you a beautiful site, but fail to tell a compelling story that will grip your visitors and make them buy.  And when it comes to getting traffic, most of them talk a big game, but have never actually done it themselves.

I understand how frustrating it is to spend thousands on marketing with little-to-no results.  Before I started my own site 10 years ago, which grew to 70,000 visits per month, I was in the same boat!

Generating leads & sales online should be easy!  That's why I created If You Build It, to help you become the traffic & leads power hitter you always wished you could be.

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Foothills Chiropractic was losing business because the site design was outdated, didn't tell people what made them different, or how to work with them.

I worked with the doctor to create a tagline "Move better, feel better" and designed a site that now inspires visitors to take action.



Foothills Chiropractic

Cheers from Our Fans

“Chris has been a valuable resource for my business. He helped me build my first mortgage site and develop a content plan to rank in Google. My site has easily produced hundreds of mortgage leads and accounted for over $200,000 in mortgage commissions. More recently, he helped guide a redesign of another site of mine using the Story Brand framework. Now the site tells a compelling story, and offers a clear plan of action to help my clients.”

Shanne Sleder

The Mortgage Planners

In the past few years, I’ve seen Chris Huntley personally work with 3 separate company websites that supply leads to us, and is a major reason for their (and our) success. Chris is an expert at building websites that not only look terrific, but get loads of traffic. His efforts with our lead partners’ sites have resulted in millions of dollars of revenue for these companies.

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Nic West

Digital BGA, LLC

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Hello, I'm Chris Huntley.  After creating a website that generated over 1 million free visits from Google search, and selling it for 7 digits, I'm here to help you hit a homerun with your web marketing.

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