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Looking to create a content marketing plan to bring in more leads and sales?

The pickings are slim if you’re searching for an SEO or marketing agency to do this for you.

While most of these companies TALK a big game, few of them have actually ever built a successful website themselves.

I personally built a multiple 7 digit insurance agency (insuranceblogbychris.com) on the back of SEO, and have helped create several other successful websites as well.

Here’s a bit more on that:

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Success Stories


We partnered with former SUCCESS Magazine editor, Darren Hardy, to create the content for his blog.  Thus far, sales created by the blog have returned a 1400% ROI to Darren.

Wendy Thompson - thewendythompsonteam.com

Wendy is a successful mortgage broker in Tennessee.  We created a series of articles for her that bring her thousands of free visits per month from Google.


Partnered with them for first year of their site.  Implemented content strategy.  They generated over 7,000 life insurance leads per month and sold in 2018 for multiple millions.


They went from zero to 100+ medicare supplement leads per month in 9 months with our Homerun plan.

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