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Meet Our MVP Team!

chris huntley president of if you build it

Chris Huntley, President of If You Build It

In 2008, I was a struggling life insurance agent, $40,000 in credit card debt, just had my first child, and desperate for business.  Nothing I tried (mailers, advertising, networking groups) worked.

Then I stumbled upon internet marketing and everything changed.  It turned out I had a knack for it.  Over the next 12 years, I built Insuranceblogbychris.com up to over 70,000 visits per month, (all free traffic from Google), generated tens of thousands of leads, got out of debt (and then some), implemented StoryBrand elements into my site, and sold it for multiple 7 digits in 2018.

No one should feel the uneasiness of a stagnant business.  I'm here to help you grow your traffic and leads so you don't have to.

Angel Rivera

Angel Rivera, Creative Director

Although I was born an entrepreneur, no one advised me on the businesses I should start, so I started a dance studio (of all things!)  It wasn't easy, but after 5 years, I owned 3 dance studios in San Diego county.  

After successfully selling that business, I got into network marketing.  Let me say this... if you can make it in network marketing, you can make it doing anything.  But I didn't just make it;  I excelled and became the top producing member in San Diego.  Along the way, I've scraped my knees a few times, but I've gotten better.  I've learned web design, copywriting, email funnels, podcasting, and StoryBrand.

No one should do business without a guide.  I'm here to help you grow your brand, traffic, and leads so you don't have to.



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